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Morgan and Sean's wedding at the May Museum in Reno, NV was one for the books! When I walked into the venue and took a peak at the wide windows (hello natural light) and their Beauty and the Beast undertones...I had to try not to freak out. I wasn't surprised on how well executed everything was. Morgan is a creative genius. Every little detail was so well thought out. We were even ahead of schedule all day (wedding bliss)! Enjoy a peak of what their big day looked like :) 

"Our wedding day was more magical than I had imagined! That is all thanks to our wonderful family and friends. Without the dozens of helping hands, this day could not have happened."- Morgan

"We did run into a bit of a snafu when getting ourselves dressed however... you see, once we were all down to only our skivvies, it was time to put on our special socks for the day. One problem though, mine seemed to be made fit for, at best, a large child. This resulted in almost twenty minutes of a group of grown men in their underwear taking turns trying to jam a sock on my feet as if I were the step-sisters in Cinderella squeezing into the glass slipper. Eventually we made it happen (without the need to cut off heels or toes, I might add) and just in time too, because it was just about then that we had to line up for the big event."- Sean

By far one of the funniest things I've EVER seen during a wedding-Your Photographer

"Seeing everyone gather to celebrate our love was pretty great, but all that pales in comparison to when I saw Morgan come down that aisle. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in that moment and I could do nothing to hide my utter happiness that I would be spending the rest of my life with her."- Sean

"It was all perfect, including the fact that we all (Morgan, Keith, and I) forgot to handle placing the rings on each other's fingers prior to the kiss bit. Everything after that feels like a blur."- Sean

Morgan wore her veil ALL day. Because when it's your wedding you're allowed to do whatever you want...and she rocks it so well. 

The Reception!  Below are the details I was SWOONING over. A million heart eyes times a million. So beautiful and unique! 

Walking into a room filled with your favorite humans. Nothing beats that. 

Cupcakes!!!! YES. YES. YES. 

The first dance...

Father and daughter dance..."If you know my father, you know that this was a HUGE deal for him. I was very nervous for dancing in front of a large crowd, but my father was more nervous for possibly "letting me down".... Like that could ever happen. He was so emotional that he forgot to give a toast! Which is okay with me, because dancing with my father was more than any toast could ever cover. I remember walking on the dance floor with him, and squeezing his hands hard and telling him "it's ok, just dance with me."- Morgan

"Another favorite moment was watching the love between all of the married couples on the dance floor. My Uncle Glen and Aunt Ella were the last ones standing, and the love between them is quite evident."-Morgan  

No party is complete without more unicorn juice and a game! 

When you throw the bouquet way to far the first time...

Round two! 

And the garter toss ... 

Thank you for choosing me to document your best day ever! It was truly incredible!! 

We've had a couple of photo sessions together, so documenting their wedding was effortless. At some point during the day Sean said that I probably have more pictures of him, then he's taken in a lifetime. I think that might be true. I've attached a couple links below of their engagement and home session.  

Engagement Session

Home Session


DJ- Reno Mobile Dj's

Flowers- Bumblebee Blooms Flower Boutique 

Partial Linens- Creative coverings

Decorations- Celadon Events

Other- Camelot Party Rentals 

Coordination- Liane Mccombs 

Food- Fig Tree Catering

Bartending- Fig Tree 



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