Home Session | Reno, NV | Morgan & Sean

I Just have to start this off with- Sean makes Morgan breakfast EVERY SINGLE DAY. How sweet is that?!

Shooting (photos) at Morgan & Sean's home was so unique. Their home is filled with their personality and I'm so grateful to have had a peak of their world. They welcomed me in and I instantly felt the laid-back energy. I mean you basically get to take photos in your pajamas as your favorite music plays in the background. YES to this. If Morgan and Sean look familiar to you, maybe it's because you've seen them before on an old blog. Click HERE to check out our first session together.

 I'm upgrading some photography equipment and I got to play around with a sweet Nikon body for a few days (I ended up loving and purchased two)! I put out an email for two days of home sessions (to really play around with it's low light capabilities) to everyone on my mailing list and Morgan jumped on the concept and booked immediately. If you haven't signed up for my mailing list- do it! Scroll all the way down and sign-up! 

Home sessions are the best! It's an environment where you feel the most comfortable version of yourself. Don't get me wrong...I love an epic backdrop and I'm always up for an adventurous photo session, but home sessions are seriously THE BEST. 

No home session is complete without some cuddles in bed. 

They built this love sign together and YES they'll be incorporating it on their wedding day. 

Morgan & Sean love to play video games/ board games with each other and friends so incorporating that into their session was perfect! 

The end. Thanks again Morgan & Sean for letting me in to document these stages of your life. I can't wait for you big day! It's going to be a good one ;)