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When Amber reached out to me about doing "A day in the life" session I was SO excited. Not a lot of families are open to the idea of having their family portraits taken at their home, but it's by far one of the best way's to capture authentic/raw moments. More families should this this! 

Enjoy a peak of their Sunday morning (it's pretty adorable)!

The morning consisted of Caelum and Terra making breakfast (pancakes), bikeriding, bed cuddles, and a water fight! 

I just want to take a quick moment to show you their adorable home...

As I walked in (literally after walking out of my car) I was immediately welcomed by Caelum. His name means sky or heavens in Latin. His energy was so great and adorable. He's filled with so much happiness. 

This is Terra which means earth in Latin. As I walked in she told me "I want to help the world" I asked how she was going to go about that and she proceeded to talk about how "there's too much carbon dioxide" in the atmosphere. This girl is going to do to great things for the world. 

Bed cuddles! 

A little more about them...

The Pembleton's like to play outside. This includes hiking, camping and being out on the boat during summer. 

Parents likes: coffee, brunch, and reading. 

Children's likes: boardgames, bike riding, and playing in the backyard. 

...and here's a peak of the water fight! 

Note to the Pembleton's: Thanks for letting me document your Sunday morning :) 

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