Wedgewood Sequoia Mansion Wedding | Placerville, CA | Chelsea & Michael

"Chelsea is a spark plug that keeps me going. She's inspiring and her motivation is infectious...and she's beautiful"- Micheal

"Since day one, Michael has grabbed my attention with his witty humor. I find myself laughing so hard I can't breathe. He definitely keeps me on my toes. Plus that smile is heart warming."- Chelsea

Let's talk about the proposal first! Micheal didn't tell anyone the complete details about the proposal. Although, Chelsea's dad and step-mom knew that it was going to happen. The date and location was a secret. He surprised Chelsea at the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival! 

Chelsea and Mike's wedding took place in Placerville, CA at Sequoia Mansion. I was instantly welcomed by Chelsea. Her energy is so accepting and friendly. It felt like I was attending an old friends wedding, even though that was the first time we had met in person (we had only met virtually weeks prior). The rest of the day unfolded with ease. Enjoy a peak of their beautiful day!

The girls wanted to try a shot they saw on Pinterest. With their legs and bouquets hanging off the couch....but I think these shots are way better. Nedless, to say we didn't get the shot ;) 

Micheal and Chelsea were getting ready right across from each other. The girls did a good job making sure he did NOT peak when she had to touch up in another room. 

Reading their love notes before as "After the Storm" played in the background.

The ceremony was probably the highlight of the day. To be able to express their feelings and promises in front of their loved ones was so special. 

Fun facts about Chelsea & Micheal: 

They are "daredevils-through completing tough mudder, climbing half dome, & running half marathons [they] love to stay active together and keep each other accountable"-Chelsea & Micheal

"We have this same passion for live music, we take every opportunity we get to go see a show. It's what we spend our money on."-Chelsea & Micheal

After their couples photos, I walked in the venue to give them a few minutes alone...and through the corner of eye I noticed they were being adorable (once again), so I had to take a shot! 

Reception Vibes...

So what's next for these two?? Here's what they had to say: "TRAVEL whenever we can! Next stop is Portland OR...we suppose we will do some adulting, house hunting and starting a family..sometime in the near ish future. ;) [and] attempting to drink all of the wine that the Dinettes family gifted to us." 


Wedding Coordinator:  Fête Designs 

Catering: Wedgewood Sequoia Mansion in Placerville, CA

Baker: Friend of the bride and groom :)

DJ: Joe Coradetti

Florist: Audrey of  Fête Designs 

Hair & Makeup: Jennifer Ellis Escobar & Bombshell

Dress: Willowby (purchased an Miosa Shop in Sacramento, CA) 

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