Donner Pass Engagement Session | Samantha & Steven

Samantha and Stevens's engagement session took place at Donner Pass and they were total rockstars about it. They climbed up and down the granite features with no hesitation. I'm beyond excited to document their wedding next year for a ton of reasons. I'll list a few:

  • They are totally cool with eating burgers instead of finishing an exhausting hike. These type of humans are fantastic. "I always say that I knew he was the one when we were on a hike together and about halfway in he asked if I wanted to turn around and go get burgers."-Samantha
  • They're venue is stunning (Hi Twenty Mile House)  
  • Most importantly...they watch Friends..."we met on Tinder...and I wasn’t really interested until he asked me what Friends character I felt like that day and said he was “feeling like a Phoebe.”

About their engagement: "We had planned a big going-away party with all our close friends and family in the area and Steven proposed when everyone gathered together for a group photo. As the server at the restaurant was about to take our photo, Steven said “Wait, wait, wait... Sam doesn’t have her whole outfit on...” I was so confused and wondered if maybe his niece had brought bunny ears or something silly for me to wear. As I was wracking my brain, Steven got down on one knee and said, “You’re not wearing this...” and pulled out the ring. Even though it was not at all what I had envisioned, it was one of those instances where Steven knew me better than myself. It was so special to have family and friends there to share in the excitement."

"We both have the travel bug and plan to visit every national park in the US. As of now, the plan is to hit a couple on each of our breaks (the plus of us both being teachers). One of our biggest goals is to someday purchase property and build our own home. Goats are also a must."

A few facts about Samantha and Steven:

They both LOVE food ", really really love it." 

They both teach at the same Elementary School. Steven is a preschool teacher and Samantha teaches "students who have been deemed “at-risk” in order to give them more support and help them get back into a traditional classroom."

Samantha & Steven: Thank you so much for letting me document this exciting chapter. Stoked for the big day! 



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