North Lake Tahoe Elopement | Shawn & Talon | Donner Pass, CA

 Shawn and Talon eloped on Donner Pass and it was nothing short of amazing. They are perfection together. Their love was beautiful to witness. The lighting was incredible. Their friends and family were super sweet. Everything was wonderful. Enjoy a peak of their beautiful day! 

We met in Reno for family photos then we jumped on a shuttle and headed to Donner Pass. Shawn drove separately, so I got the best seat on the bus. Next to the beautiful bride.

The ceremony was officiated by her dad. He began by reading "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten."

Their friends and family enjoying the ceremony.

Shawn loves her smile, when she tries to tickle him, singing in the car and how much she cares for others. 

Talon loves his eyes and the way he holds her..."like nothing else in the world matters. He knows [how] to make me laugh and he is the best travel buddy."

First kiss as husband and wife (kind of)...due to state boundaries they were legally married down the road. 

"In our first year of dating we traveled to 7 different states together. We love to cook meals and try new dessert recipes (chocolate is both of our favorite). We often make comments to each other using words in other languages that we have learned while traveling (people in the grocery stores probably think we are crazy)."- Talon

Favorite moments from the wedding:

"The big reveal, which was a total surprise to Shawn. I spent months perfecting my wedding look, because I wanted to be absolutely perfect for him. When his jaw dropped as I snuck around the corner, it was the best feeling ever." -Talon

Shawn's favorite moment was: "Just after the ceremony, when the photographer was taking pics of just Talon in the glow of the sun set with the view behind her and I got to just watch in all her beauty"- Shawn 

After marriage plans:

To live happily ever after.- Shawn

"We each want to continue our education and travel as much as possible."- Talon & Shawn

Congratulations Shaw & Talon!!!

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