Nevada City, California | Engagement Session | Chris & Vanessa

Chris and Vanessa met on an online dating app (Bumble). It was Vanessa's first experience with online dating. Their first date lasted 12 hours! It's pretty safe to say that they knew they had a really unique connection. 

The proposal is straight out of a movie scene. They were in France for a wedding and Chris proposed on their final night in Paris! He had a room waiting with petals, candles, and champagne. How romantic is that?! 

A little about them: 

They love to cook/eat and enjoy anything having to do with comedy.

They have a cat with no name. This is probably my favorite fact. Ever. 

They both work around media (Video games and Podcasts). 

Their engagement session took place in a beautiful mountain setting right next to where the Yuba River runs. Todd and I climb around the area a lot and I've been waiting to bring a couple here. I hadn't scouted it out for a few weeks, so I was surprised on how much water was running through the trails. Due to the recent storms we've been having there was a lot of water runoffs to cross (as seen above). 

Vanessa & Chris: Thanks for being so cool about this and for taking off your shoes to walk through the chilly water! Also, thanks for being prepared and having tissues in your bag.

There's a nearby water swimming hole that has some beautiful rock features. 

Swooning over the beautiful rock features: "gold bearing fluids filled rock fractures...cooled to form gold-rich veins" (South Yuba River State Park). 

We started heading back to the car before it got too dark and caught some beautiful light as we walked back. I probably said "one more photo" a million times. 

The last few shots before we completely lost the light...

Stay tune for their wedding photos. It will be an outdoor wedding in Nevada City (one of the most adorable places ever). It will be In intimate gathering with their closest friends and family. So excited!! 



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