Reno Commercial Photographer | Strange Bikinis

A day in the life of Strange Bikinis...

This year I decided to dip my toes into commercial photography. Photographing the behind the scenes of Strange Bikinis was the perfect project to start with! It's an empowering brand with beautiful designs. 

"Strange Bikinis is a women's designer swimwear label based out of Reno, NV. They have a website and also have a brick and mortar store in Reno. Ali, the designer started the company hand sewing and custom making swimsuits for everyone, as the business has grown she is able to produce small collections. She aspires to back away from hand making swimsuits and really wants focus on designing collections that are suitable for many body shapes even more than hers already do!" -Strange Bikinis

The objective of this shoot was to document what goes on behind the scenes and store details. 

About the designer: 

  • Loves: I love waking up early and drinking coffee outside with my dogs. 
  • Who/what inspires your designs? I would say travel inspires me the most, but often hearing feedback on what people need from their swimwear is influential to my design process. When I get a chance to break away and be the most relaxed version of myself is when i feel most inspired. 
  • What is one thing you learned during your career that you wish you had known early on? This is a loaded answer, but I wish i would have had some what of a partner. Being sole owner is hard and demanding. It gets daunting and overwhelming and it would be excellent to have that side kick to go at it together. 
  • What’s the best business tip you ever received? There's been so many, but the best tip would have to be Trust your gut. Seems so simple, but when i get overwhelmed with lots of outsiders trying to tell me how to operate or to run Strange Bikinis, often if I step back and go back to the core of why I started working for myself, I will feel that gut feeling pointing me in the correct direction. 
  • How long have you been running your business? Strange Bikinis started in Spring of 2012, officially like all out in Spring of 2014. 
  • What does your ideal client look like? My ideal customer is a strong woman/girl who is outside living out her dreams. She is active and passionate about more than vanity. She is kind and encouraging to others. She smiles at Strangers. 

I got to keep the Tango Wrap Top with the Dalles Dukes and I'm still swooning. Head over to their website (STRANGE BIKINIS) to snag the perfect bikini for summer or stop at the Reno location. 

"I love that there is a unique style for each woman's body, and how different each design is. There are several different colors and patterns in each collection, and they each offer something unique."-Haley M

"I love working at Strange because its an interactive, fun job where I can express new ideas and pursue my creativity through social media, event planning and marketing." -Haley M

Sending some bikinis to some rad strangers. 

I hope you enjoyed a peak of what goes on behind the scenes at Strange Bikinis.