Lake Tahoe Vow Renewal | Courtney & Jason

We met our first year at The University of Kansas where we lived in the same dorm. We went out one night with a group of mutual friends and he was the only one with a car. We all piled in and I got squeezed in the front middle seat (yes, that used to be a thing) right next to him as driver. We had had our first date about a week after we met in December of 2011, so almost 17 years ago. He proposed on my birthday in Oct 2007 and we got married in Sept 2008, 10 years ago. Now we have three kids (age 8, 7 and 3.5). 

Their 10 year anniversary adventure included kayaking, riding a hot air balloon at sunrise, AND hiking and scrambling on a cliff in dressy clothes. On said cliff, overlooking Lake Tahoe, is where they had their vow renewal. Enjoy a peak of our time together.

Courtney’s dress was stunning.

So what does the future hold for Courtney and Jason?

We will keep traveling and exploring the world together. We'll go to a million and 1 of our kids baseball/basketball/cheerleading/etc games. Cheer them on and hopefully teach them how to be kind people and loving partners. Once we send them off into the world we hope to have at least one vacation home somewhere we can hike and get lost on the regular. 

Side-note: no one was injured during this sketchy walk. Go Courtney for doing it in a white dress!

About Courtney:

I was a dancer {ballet, modern, etc} for about 20 years. Dance was my original major in college, but I ended up with a Master's in Exercise Physiology. Now I'm back to my artistic roots being a photographer, lol! I grew up in the north suburbs of Chicago. I'm an only child. I'm obsessed with reality TV, especially The Bachelor.

About Jason:

He was born in small town Iowa, but grew up in the suburbs of Kansas City (actually just down the street from where we live now). He's a math nerd. A financial advisor by day, but a true entrepreneur who has his hands in all sorts of businesses of his own.  He's super handy and seems to know how to fix anything. 

The love notes

A final more moments before we lost the light

Courtney & Jason: Thank you for letting me document such a big day!

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