Lovers Leap Engagement Session | Strawberry, California | Merrill + Jayson

“Jayson and I have not had any experience in the photo department, we are usually struggling to get a selfie or 2 on our road trips. We were really excited to get some pictures of us other than selfies! We were also really excited to have a winter feel for the engagement session. We almost decided to book a winter wedding, but decided on Spring instead, so getting to have the engagement photos in winter was wonderful. I'm sure we were both anticipating feeling a bit awkward with posing for photos, but that really wasn't the case at all after meeting Elsa and getting the session started. She made it so fun and comfortable, we had a blast!”-Merrill

First of all: Thank you so much for the sweet words. You two made this session feel effortless. You’re both so sweet and photogenic ;)

Second of all: I’m obsessed with these photos! Lovers Leap is one of my favorite areas and Merrill and Jayson are so cool. Enjoy a peak of their engagement photos!

About the proposal: “Jayson made me work (run) for it! We were in Yosemite celebrating my Grandma's 90th birthday. The day we arrived, Jayson suggested a jog out to Mirror Lake. When we got there, the sun was almost set and Half Dome was looming large. Little did I know, Jayson had with him a beautiful proposal ring that he had a jeweler friend make out of quartz crystal I had found in Northern California. Right before we we started our run back to the Lodge, Jayson got down on one knee and proposed. I said YES of course! That sure made the run back to the Lodge fast since we were so excited to tell and celebrate with our family.”-Merrill

Getting to start of the session with this cute little bus was such a treat!

About their wedding: “…We were really interested in getting married at Twenty Mile House, and were able to visit the venue right after getting engaged over Thanksgiving. The visit surpassed our (high) expectations and we booked on the spot. Because of Jayson's teaching schedule, spring break was a really good option for us. Which left less than 5 months to plan everything. I think that's actually helped, though, because we make thoughtful but quick decisions and move on to the next item. By having an all inclusive venue, we are also able to really focus our time on adding some personal touches to our wedding.” -Merrill

Side-note (not surprising at all): I LOVE TWENTY MILE HOUSE. I can’t wait to go back this year!

Where did Merrill and Jayson meet?!

“A true sign of the times, we met on Tinder! Our first date lasted 4 hours as we talked over a couple beers. We had so much in common and really clicked right away.”

Few fun facts:

“Jayson and I are animal lovers, we have 2 golden retrievers and a pet snake. Jayson teaches first grade and plays old time tunes on the banjo. I also play (sing/guitar) and write music.”

Check her stuff out! She’s so good:

Shout out to Jayson’s mom for taking care of the pups during the session.

Future goals: “More pets?! OK maybe not, but we are very much looking forward to continuing to enjoy every day life, house projects, travel, and one day, growing our family.”

Note to M& J: I’m so excited to be your third wheel in a few months! I have no doubt it’s going to be out of this world special . Looking forward to meeting your friends and family. See you in a few months!! -Elsa B

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