Virginia City, NV Engagement Session | Amber + Ben

“Ben and I knew we would get married for a while now, so our proposal was more of a discussion. Mind you, I was taking a bath when he asked.”

I love how simple and lovely their connection is. Enjoy a peak of their engagement photos in Virginia City, NV.

Fun fact about both of them:

“His mom has been passively trying to get us together for years and neither of us took her seriously ever…didn’t really feel a connection until we had both gone through quite a few life changes.”

They’re both from Alabama and have been in the area for a year and a half.

About Amber: First of all she’s so sweet and quirky. I’ve enjoyed all our interactions. I’m so excited for her weekday wedding next year (I LOVE WEEKDAY WEDDINGS). She’s also in the process of opening up a tattoo studio: “The name is lucid dreams and we will be opening mid January or February here in Fernley . I've always wanted to open a studio that the community felt welcome in, where we will not only produce quality body art, but maybe teach classes regarding studio art, hold non profit events, art galleries, eventually cultural events as well, and above all else provide a clean safe environment to get body art in our small town. The name is a little goofy but eventually I want anyone who comes into the shop to really embrace their dreams and explore their own creativity…”

About Ben: “Ben was a Marine for 5 years…he has a huge hat collection. Currently works for Tesla and despite the ruggedness is a huge softy…he is a hard worker and has been so his whole life and that he is the most generous guy I know. He only wants the people he cares about to feel special, safe, and taken care of. He never discourages my or anyone else's dreams.”

So what does the future hold for these two? They’re planning an epic weekday wedding and they just want to help each other and enjoy what ever life has in store for them.

These are a few of my favorite images from our time together.

After walking around Virginia City we finished off the session at 6 Mile Canyon for sunset!

Thanks for letting me document you two! Can’t wait for your big day-Elsa B

Location: Amber and Ben had their engagement session at Virginia City and 6 mile Canyon Road (a road between Dayton and Virginia City).

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