Logan Shoals Elopement | Paige + Will

“ I have had a lot of loss in my life, but Will totally completes me. He is home to me. Seriously. He is my shoulder to cry on and never fails to keep life silly. I would not change one thing about our entire wedding adventure! Again, Elsa is the bomb and I cannot say enough great things about her. Her creative eye, her willingness to step outside the box, and her pure SKILL makes her work stand out. Woo hoo!! Here's to marriage!!!!”

Photographing Paige and Will’s wedding was like being the third wheel of a friend you’ve known forever. It was so much fun to hang out, scramble up rocks, chat with the cops (scroll down)... everything about their elopement was an adventure!

“Exchanging letters before the ceremony was by far my favorite part. Will is pretty private and shy, so we decided to write letters instead of personalize vows. I loved how the letter felt like it was for me and only me...not written to sound good or flashy for others to hear. “

The Ceremony

About their honeymoon and future travel plans: “Our honeymoon was amazing! We decided to road trip in the northwest. We visited Lake Tahoe, Redwood National Park, Portland, Seattle, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, and Jackson Hole/Grand Tetons. At the end of most vacations, we are so ready to come home....but this one was different. We saw new things every single day, so we could have been gone for weeks and weeks! We only had 10 days to see it all, but we are looking forward to going back to some of our favorites again one day. Will and I both loved Glacier the most!”

Future goals: “Will's family owns a business and although I am a speech therapist, I have taken a huge interest in art, design, and business in the past few years. When we picture our future, we picture 2 business owners with a big family and lots of animals on our little farm. We already have 2 dogs, 1 cat, and 8 chickens....now I just have to talk Will into letting me get some goats!”

Will is the little brother of one of Paige’s good friends. She was friends with his older sister for about seven years before actually ever meeting him! Even though she always thought he was cute :) “I thought I was too old to date him. lol....but age is just a number!”

“Although the car break in situation was unfortunate, I actually loved laughing with the cops and the whole creative team. Everyone was so professional throughout the entire elopement process, and as soon as our rental was broken into, everyone sort of went into friend mode. Everyone showed so much empathy, jumping to hep in any way they could. Driving back to our hotel with a busted out window with me in my wedding dress and Will on the phone canceling my debit cards with the sun setting over Tahoe in the background was actually priceless. I couldn't help but laugh. Things are things and love is love. As cliche as it sounds, THINGS are replaceable but the feelings you get from marrying the love of your life.....that's not so replaceable.”

Note to friends and family: “If we had to say anything to our friends and family, it is that we love you all so much and we are so happy we were able to have a reception after returning home. My (Paige's) brother passed away suddenly in September....and not having his presence and the presence of other family members who have passed away is the main reason we decided to elope. I'm the type of person who cries at everyone else's wedding, and I didn't want to be sad on my wedding day. Our wedding day was just about WILL + ME which is the way it should be. We loved that our reception was full of fun and positive energy...we wanted as few tears as possible!”

“Thank you SO much for letting me be a part of your big day! Hope our paths cross again. Probably at a National Park”- Your Photog

Wedding Details:

Theme: “Our wedding theme was vintage/eclectic/boho...as was our reception. Will and I had an old farmhouse renovated this past year and the style of our home was pretty much carried over into our wedding and reception. Give me all the peacock chairs and colored glass!”

Dress: “A lot people asked about my dress. Lulu's for $100, people. Will wouldn't have known the difference between a $3000 dress and a $100 dress ....and it didn't hurt my soul as much when the bottom got super dirty.”

Jewelry: “My jewelry went along with the "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" phrase. I wore my late mother's wedding band on my right hand (something old) stacked with one of my grandmother's favorite rings (something borrowed). My grandparents actually raised me after my mother passed away when I was 7, so it was extremely important for me to have something from both of them. My something new was my dress, shoes, etc. My something blue was my toenail color!”