California Wedding Photography | Elsa Boscarello Photography | Kayla & Zach

I was absolutely stoked for Kayla and Zach's wedding in Escalon, California. I mean...look at them. They're gorgeous, but most importantly they both have a mutual love for Paul McCartney (YES). They saw him in concert together and I think the majority of us are pretty jealous about that fact. Coffee dates are their favorite kind of dates. Talk about my dream couple. Their proposal was epic and a complete surprise to Kayla (she emphasized that a lot)! He proposed in Carmel, California and personally designed her ring. 

There are a few more things about Kayla that might make you fall in love with her (if you haven't already), although any Paul Mccartney fan should be loved and appreciated. She loves to bake and cook (Zach must love this). She thinks she's Beyonce because she listens to her-don't we all? And she will tear up while watching almost any movie, especially if it's a Disney movie. 

Now on to the groom-Zach! His dream job is to be a Nascar driver, and is currently working on building his dream car. He is a skilled mason and hopes to start up his own business in the future. 

August 20th, 2016 was definitely one of their BEST DAYS EVER. Scroll down and enjoy their incredible connection. 

Wedding dress is from Watters purchased at Mira's Bridal Couture. Her wedding ring (and their wedding bands) are from Yonan's Jewelers.  

Below you will spot the girls playing Heads Up and getting ready! 

Zack pieced together some of their love notes from when they were dating and wrote a private letter on the back. This got all the emotions peaking. 

Their wedding took place in a private venue in California, where both parties got ready and celebrated friendship and love. 

After the ceremony, we gathered the group for some golden hour portraits. 

I then had some private time with the couple for their intimate portraits. We literally ran to make it to sunset and it was SO worth it. I request that every couple takes 10-15 minutes to hold each other tight and step away from the the chaos that comes with weddings. These are some of the only moments where you get to step back and take it all in. 

A couple of emotional toasts and then it was party time!!!

Kayla and Zach dancing to "Something" by The Beatles for their first dance as husband and wife. 

Kayla and Zach-thank you both for letting me document your BEST DAY EVER.