Donner Lake Couples Session | Truckee, California | Kayla & Zach

I photographed Kayla and Zach's wedding almost two years ago and from our very first call I knew we would be good friends! 

I was stoked when they not only wanted to get some fresh couples photos taken at one of my favorite spots EVER (hi Donner Pass), but because it also involved an evening of hanging out and catching up. 

Our evening included driving around the Truckee area, photos at Donner Lake and Donner Pass, take-out Thai for dinner, and cozy cabin feels. Enjoy a peak of their gallery and scroll down to read some adorable facts about them and Charlie (their pup). 

Fun facts about Zach (from Kayla):

1) The nickname he gave me when we were just friends a few years ago is still my contact name in his phone, which is pretty adorable!

2) He still takes me out on coffee dates like he did when we first started dating. 

3) He’s such a loving and compassionate husband and I couldn’t be more grateful for that! 


Fun facts about Kayla (from Zach):

1. She is extremely caring and a complete romantic.

2. She writes me cards reminding me how much she loves me.

3. She never passes up an opportunity to go out together for a cup of coffee.

More adorable facts:

Kayla is a lover of Disneyland and hates heights!

Zach is a lover of his 69 Dodge Charger and hates suspenseful movies!

About Charlie: "He thinks our bed is his, he loves chewing socks and he even hides them in the backyard, and he loves the snow!"-Kayla

...and now some of my favorites. After dinner we took a few minutes to take some cozy B&W cabin photos, with the Lumineers playing in the background. A perfect way to end the day! 

Kayla and Zach: thanks for letting me document another chapter in your lives. Also-you two should move closer to Reno!  

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