Senior Photography Reno | Erykah | Elsa Boscarello Photography

"My dream is to not only exist but to thrive in whatever I set out to achieve in life"- Erykah

"I'm constantly amazed by Erykah's sincerity and selflessness. She is the best girl I know and I'm so proud to say she's my daughter."- Danielle 

Enjoy browsing a peak of Erykah's senior photos, she's truly a gem. 

Erykah's likes: family, all animals, laughing, good conversations, music, the beach, avocados, lavender, watermelon and bubble baths. 

When Danielle (Erykah's mom) reached out about Erykah's senior photos- I was thrilled. They weren't looking for traditional portraits. They wanted to capture Erykah's bohemian vibes with an editorial twist. Erykah loves nature and has this effortless carefree vibe but she also has an edgy side to her (think minimal and modern). Mostly she wanted something "free and young."  We tried to capture this through out her senior session. 

The two locations balanced each other out so well. Our first location was filled with green fields with a river roaring near by. We took a coffee break where we talked about our dreams and goals (we also needed a break from the scorching heat). We ended our session at the desert. This was perfect for the fun editorial look we were hoping to achieve.   

Random side-note (this is basically a love note to the girls): Danielle and Erykah had to make extensive plans to make this happen. They don't live in the area, so they booked several weeks prior, took time off work, booked a hotel, and made the drive to Reno on the day of their photoshoot. I'm so grateful for all their efforts and that our paths crossed, because these girls rock! Definitely made some lasting friendships. Also, shoutout to Erimma (Erykah's good friend) for tagging along and being sooo helpful. Friends like her are hard to find. Erykah is very fortunate to have you :) 

Locations: Crystal Peak Park in Verdi, NV and a random spot in the outskirts of Reno, NV.