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The title of this blog was strategically named "Iceland Elopement Photographer" because I NEED  a couple to take me back to this beautiful island. If you're eloping in Iceland reach out to me for a special deal :)

Iceland was our first international trip together (as a married couple). One of the things that attracted us to each other was our love for traveling and getting to know different cultures and overall just our obsession with adventures. So we were both STOKED and counting down for this trip. We went in November and I don't think we could've timed it any better. It was rare to bump into tourists and It was definitely the adventurous trip we needed. 

The first three photos were taken right outside of Seljavallalaug. It is one of the oldest geothermal pools in Iceland. It was built in 1923. To see an up close photo of the pool you can scroll through my Instagram.  If you're going to Iceland you NEED to stop here. We went in November and the solitude and rich colors of the narrow valley made for an amazing experience.  

The following photos were taken at Skeioararsandur. It's the largest sander in the world! Although, it's not the most photogenic- we were absolutely in awe on how much space it took up. It just kept going on and on! It covers 1300-sq-km and it was formed by Skeidararjokull. It's basically the aftermath of a huge volcano eruption. The minimalist in me NEEDED to take a few couples portraits here.  I loved the rich contrast between the sandur and overcast sky's. 

And now we're on to the Vatnajokull Glacier! Skeidararjokull glacier is a large glacier that is draining from Vatnajokull (Iceland's largest ice cap). 

I can go on and on about our trip or you can click on the following link and check our home video: Iceland in November

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