About me:

  • I like heights
  • I can't do pull-ups. Not even ONE (but I'm working on it). 
  • Sleeping in feels like a cozy hug from life, so I try to sleep in once a week, usually on Thursday's. 
  • I love rock climbing and adventuring with my human (aka Todd). We've been married for three years and it's been the best decision of my life. 
  • I tear up and/or fall to the ground when I laugh (the latter doesn't happen all the time so don't worry). I just like a good laugh.  
  • A good cup of coffee with a nonfiction book is my happy place. 
  • The Office and Friends are my to-go-shows. I dance when the intro songs come on. 

Most importantly, and the reason you're even reading this, is to find out whether or not we're a good match. You should know... I LOVE what I do. I'm absolutely obsessed with creating visual stories. I love combining journalism with an editorial touch to peoples love story. Your memories are in good hands. I promise. I hope I can create something memorable for you soon! 


One more thing! I LOVE to travel. Are you having a destination wedding? Count me in! Below are some spots that I would love to go back to and spots that I'm dreaming about. Special discounts if your destination wedding is on my Travel Bucket List. 

I would go back in a heartbeat: Ecuador, Europe (Italy, France, Spain, Czech Republic and London), Mexico, and Costa Rica. Our first international trip as a couple was to Iceland. We rented out a little van and went around the whole island. Here's a link to some of our photos in Iceland: November in Iceland

Travel Bucket List: Patagonia, Nepal, Cambodia, and Bali. 


Features: Community Magazine, RTT Magazine, Artfully Wed and Photographer Supply Co.

Covers: Tahoe Weekly (September Issue-2016).