Sardine Lake Elopement | Sierra Buttes | Matt & Morgan

When Morgan initially reached out, I immediately wanted to document their elopement!

  • First of all: I'm a huge sucker for intimate weddings, especially when the backdrop ends up being the Sierra Buttes.

  • Second of all: they sounded incredibly cool. They met in a pub in South Korea (7 years ago), so I was instantly drawn in to their connection, stories and travels. She even gave me solid advice on teaching internationally, which Morgan and Matt have done a lot of.

Browse some favorite images below and enjoy a peak of their elopement! 


About the engagment:

Morgan and Matt had an intimate engagement. He proposed a random Monday morning as she was getting ready for an interview. 

I was going to propose in Boston but it ended up raining and wouldn't have worked out where I was planning to do it, so I decided to do it before we left New York.- Matt

I was really, honestly surprised! I don't know if he could've surprised me like that had he done it anywhere else. Also, I got the job I had my interview for and work there now.- Morgan


The Ceremony

What were your favorite moments from the wedding?

Seeing Morgan for the first time and saying " I do" - Matt

WAY too many. The drive up with my dad, having everyone we love in one place, seeing Matt for the first time. I think saying our vows was definitely my favorite moment of all but the rings getting left in the car was pretty memorable! We didn't really know what to do so we just rolled with it. My brother (our officiant) did an amazing job and kept the ceremony moving while my brother-in-law ran to the car.- Morgan

Forgetting the rings in the car was pretty hilarious. See below for their reaction. - Your Photographer

The after ceremony feels...

Future goals include: gardening, traveling more and family vacations! 

Morgan & Matt: Thank you for letting me document your elopement. It was beautiful. 

Extra Info:

Elopement Location: Sardine Lake: Near Sierra City, California (North Yuba River).  

Tip from bride for future couples who are planning an elopement: Rehearse your intimate wedding like you would a regular wedding, so everyone is well directed and ready for the big day! 

FYI: There's several trails and different activity options in this area. Including: camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, canoeing and even gold panning (according to We'll be making our way up on a tiny backpacking trip soon, so you can follow our adventures on IG @elsaboscarello

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