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Photography 101 

CLASS TOPIC: Exposure (aka how to move from auto to manual)


PRICE: $80

LOCATION: Studio 14 (located at The Basement in Midtown)

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What can I expect to learn? Good question! This is the perfect class if you're tired of shooting in Auto (BORING). We'll start off with the basics (for example how a camera works) and then we'll dive into Exposure. The main goal is for you to leave with knowledge on how to expose a photo by using the aperture, shutter, and ISO to your advantage. Don't know what all these functions do? No worries because that's what will mostly talk about in this class. You'll be shooting in manual in no time! 

Will there be food? Snacks and drinks will be available and we will take a break! Because Studio 14 is located at The Basement you can feel free to get a pick-me up whenever. There's a coffee shop and some other great local shops.

This all sounds awesome! How do I reserve a seat? Spaces are limited, so just fill out the boxes above and I'll send over an invoice and we'll make this official!