This is one of the final things I need filled out in order to make sure your day flows smoothly! Big groups can be a bit time consuming to get organized, but I’ve found that having a set list helps makes this process effortless and speeds up everything, so you’re able to continue enjoying the rest of your BEST DAY EVER. Below is a pretty common list. Please fill out what you’d like documented, by including the first name of every person. If you would like anything else added please add more to the list! Keep in mind that it takes about 3 minutes for every combination. Bridal party photos take 10-15 minutes. Any extra time can be rolled over to your couples photos ;)
Please ONLY fill out what's important to you.
Please add their names below and specify their relation to you next to the name.
Please specify their relation to you next to the name.
Photos with your best humans require some special time too! Please list who will be in your bridal party and their relation to you. Also make sure you add on who the Maid of Honor and Best Man are :) Please plan 10-15 minutes for bridal party photos.
Please let me know if there are an must have shots or any family information I should take note of (for example: recent deaths, divorces, ect.)
If we end of having some extra time after the traditional family and bridal party photos, would you like me to use the extra time for some great couples photo?