San Francisco Engagement | Alex (aka buckets) & Lucy

"Buckets proposed (after asking for my parents permission) in the back garden of my childhood home on Sunday 9th July 2017. It was a complete shock and I can't remember even saying yes! We celebrated right after by drinking champagne with my parents until the early hours on a warm summers night."-Lucy

Reasons why Buckets and Lucy are so great and why I'm stoked to document their big day next year: 

Future plans include getting a Goldendoodle named Prince Wonder (named after Prince and Stevie Wonder).

Lucy is from Essex-England and her accent is my favorite. I want it. 

They have shiny gold jackets (see below).

They let me uber with them. Which was so great because driving in SF is terrifying. 

Enjoy a peak of their engagement photos!

We started off at Golden Gate Park...

So how did these two meet?? "We met at work for the first time in the London office back in 2013 (although neither of us really remember meeting each other!). We first really caught eye of each other the summer of 2014, I had been in SF for almost 6 months and Alex (Buckets) was visiting the office from Baltimore where he was living at the time. We were both attending Outside Lands Festival in Golden Gate Park that weekend and ended up going for drinks the night before with mutual friends and spent the whole night talking. We exchanged numbers and agreed to meet at the festival the next day. We found each other at the main stage (Buckets was easy to find in his shiny gold jacket!) and watched Kayne Wests performance together, and that was it! We spent most of the weekend together, and on Monday, I flew back to London for a Wedding and Buckets went back to the east coast. He was told a few days later that he was being promoted and was to move to San Francisco and arrived less than a month later. We hung out his first weekend here, and the rest is history!" -Lucy

We stopped at their apartment for an outfit change and took a few photos there. Side note: Their apartment is adorable and has some great views. 

About Lucy: 

"Originating from Essex - England, Lucy migrated to San Francisco back in 2014 and fell in love with the Bay. Dancing has always been a big part of Lucy's life, practicing for 16 years. She participated in numerous exams and shows and will always be the first (and last) person on the dance floor! Passionate about music, Lucy learned to play the piano form a young age, stopping before Grade 6, this is a passion she hopes to pick up again.  A huge travel enthusiast, Lucy traveled around the world for 4 months after University experiencing different cultures and cuisines."

Lucy loves to travel...once she got chased off an island in Thailand by monkeys.

About Buckets: 

"Hailing from Ocean City, NJ, Alexander Buckets Matthews moved out to San Francisco in 2014 (6 months after Lucy) - where they immediately fell in love at the Outside Lands music festival during Kanye West (a top 10 artist of all time I might add). Alex got the nickname Buckets back in 2007 playing pick-up basketball during his freshman year at Wake Forest University. Alex was also the head manager of the Wake basketball team - the Deacs were ranked #1 in the country his sophomore year and had 4 current NBA players on the team. Buckets was the only Mathematical Economics major and Chinese minor combo at Wake Forest and spent 6 months living abroad in Beijing and Shanghai. Following in the esteemed Matthews family tradition, Alex has a strong beard, receding hairline, and unlimited chest hair. Often described as a cross between Chuck Norris and the Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World, Buckets can kill two stones with one bird."

The End. 

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