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Every once in a while you meet people who make you want to be a better person. These two did that. Documenting their wedding didn’t feel like work at all. Not only did they insist I feel like a guest (which by no means is expected) but they were genuinely great-fun-rad-sweet humans. Like THE BEST. Their stories and energy makes you want to be better at life. To adventure more. Travel more. To love more. To give more. To be more present. Just everything. And yes she had her vows on her phone (to save trees). 

First things first! The engagement story:

"After returning from a two-week trip in Southeast Asia, we spent a week in Hawaii with Robyn’s family. On Dec, 23, after a beer at Kona Brewing Company, we went for a walk at sunset along a cliff side called spitting caves. Rose petals were scattered by a few friends who were hiding with cameras behind the rocks. Upon seeing the rose petals, Robyn’s first statement was “I think somebody died here.” Nonetheless, the engagement went on and I proposed with the sun setting above the crashing waves. The two friends behind the rocks then revealed themselves and we split a bottle of champagne. A surprise after party at her parents’ house was waiting." -Corey 

Their BEST DAY EVER took place at the North Tahoe Lodge (which is arguably the best spot to have your wedding). They rented it out for the weekend and had both families get to know each other in a series of fun events. Which included but was not limited to: hot tub sessions, a onesie party, and bike riding around Lake Tahoe. 

They got ready together (which was on my photography bucket list). Yay!

They finished writing/typing their vows that same morning...

A little about these two: 

About Robyn: "She is an island girl who has dabbled in surf shops, medical school, and fake macaroon making. Some highlights include climbing the tallest mountain in Italy, getting advanced scuba certified on a love-aboard in Thailand, finishing as the first American Female in the Croatian long distance mountain running championship, delivering several babies in medical school, and attempting to feed and befriend almost every homeless person in Philadelphia. She is a true Renaissance women with the passion and perfectionism to be extraordinary at everything she does". -Corey 

About Corey: He is a mountain man who has dabbled in rocket-building, salsa dancing and schooling chumps on the basketball court (always in flip flops). Some highlights include qualifying for the Boston Marathon, building the world's most hilariously awesome handmade gifts (think puzzle boxes that take hours to open AND only have unwrapped gummy fishes inside), contributing to NASA'S effort to save the human race (seriously), building a particle levitator in his free time, finishing as the 2nd American male in the Croatian Long Distance Mountain Running Championship (not all of us can be #1), and dragging dead weight in the form of an overly-talkative and uncoordinated female partner up mountains, into oceans, and through canyons. He is magnetically lovable, infectiously fun, and always willing to share his endless talents and curiosity with those around him. There's no one who "lives life" more fully than this kiddo. -Robyn 


The ceremony took place on one of the balconies. It was an intimate arrangement filled with incredible energy and love. 

The rest of the evening was filled with energetic vibes and some excellent mixed drinks. 

"We both grew up in very different cultural environments. Consequently, one of us want's to travel the world and the other wants to save the world. The fusion of these life objectives in our relationship is what keeps us challenged and fulfilled"- Corey

Catering: Mountain Magic Catering

Bartending: Mountain Magic Catering

Musicians: Aaron Oropeza

Hair and Makeup: Christina Bowers from Sacred Salon Tahoe

Wedding Dress: Stone Cold Fox

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