Lake Tahoe Elopement | Lake Tahoe Wedding Photography | Leo & Tina

If you're looking for places to get married-just elope in Lake Tahoe. It's absolutely breathtaking: Every. Single. Time. Leo and Tina's elopement was no exception. We found a beautiful private corner for the ceremony (which can be hard to find during summer) and they proved their love in union in front of their closest friends and family. Enjoy a peak of their beautiful day!

"We just wanted to have it all about us and our love...our day was just perfect." -Tina

"Have you heard opposites attract? Well for {us} it couldn't be more true." -Tina

Tina is extroverted. Leo is the introvert.

He's patient and she's not. Her words by the way :P

She grew up in a small town and he was raised in a big City. 

She's the oldest sibling and he's the youngest in his family.

The bridal party...

They met on his 24th birthday at a bar. The drinks were flowing and he managed to get her number. Tina really wanted him to call and a week later he did. She was so sure about him she even called her mom! One night they were laying in bed and all of happend. He pulls out a ring and asks her to marry him. Tina though he was joking (mostly because it was April Fools), but he assured her it was not a joke. 

Due to some medical problems and several hospitalizations they had to put the wedding on hold. They were engaged for about three years before they officially tied the knot this year. Needless to say after some rough patches they were both eager to make it happen! 

We created some beautiful images until we almost completely lost the light. They continued their evening with an intimate dinner. 

After marriage plans: "Our plans for our first year is to buy a house...and save up...for a beautiful honeymoon." 

Leo & Tina-thanks for letting me document your beautiful day. 

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