Donner Lake: Cabin Engagement Photos | Fletcher & Lacey

"On an unassuming Thursday night before the 4th of July we were super excited for an upcoming trip to Santa Fe, where Fletcher's brother and sister in law Noah and Erica live.  My sister and brother in law, Keenan and David, were joining us on the trip and it was the first time all of our sibling[s] were meeting.  Since we were so excited, it was good vibes and we decided to go see a movie at our favorite little theater at the Embarcadero in SF.  We climbed the stairs to the theater where there was an amazing view and perfect sunny sky ;).  He totally shocked me and got down on a knee and popped the question.  There was randomly a professional photographer right there who caught the whole thing.  Needless to say, we were too excited to go to the movie, so met up with our friends instead at an intimate wine bar and drank champagne all night.  Fletcher had gotten the ring in the mail only a few hours before he proposed and my sister in law, Alisson (, designed the ring which made it extra special."- Lacey

Their engagement photos were inspired by Lacey's Tumblr. Think editorial + real love combined. Also a dash of texture was added to the images to add a film type of look.

 After spending an evening with these two, I CAN NOT WAIT for their big day. It's going to be a good one. 


Few facts about them (words from Lacey):

- We enjoy exercising and running together especially the Lyon St steps in San Francisco.

- Began dating around Valentine's Day of 2013 so we are coming up on our 5th year.

- We went to rival universities (ASU, UofA).

- We are both really silly, easygoing people and spend a lot of our time alone together just making each other laugh.

- Met at work at the most unsexy company in the world (U-Haul).

Few facts about them continued (words from Lacey):

- Moved to SF together and into an apartment after 6-months of dating.

- Our favorite thing to do is travel together. We try and go out of the country for 2-4 wks/ Yr. Been to Thailand, Paris, Berlin, Rural Germany, Zurich, Florence, Croatia, Barcelona, Mexico... and counting!

- Both love wine (who doesn't, though).

- Recently converted to vegetarian together.

After running back and forth on the street (and successfully not getting run over) we headed back to the cabin for an outfit change...then headed to the lake. 

About Fletcher:

- Licensed sky diver

- Total adrenaline junky - always finds a cliff or bridge to jump off of

- Recently learned and gotten really into making handmade pasta from scratch - true green thumb. 

- Originally from the East Bay and went to school in AZ

- Huge pet lover, especially labs and golden retrievers


About Lacey:

- Originally from Jackson Hole but grew up in Paradise Valley AZ.

- Favorite thing is vintage/thrift/estate sale shopping.

- Loves all things fitness and health

What does the future await for these two? They plan on getting married (duh) and getting a dog (all while having a blast).

Thanks Fletcher and Lacey for letting me in on such an exciting time in your lives! 

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