Yerington, NV Family Photography | Wilson Canyon

The last time I had seen Ale and Daniel was when I shot their wedding in Washington. They came back to Nevada to visit family and I was beyond stoked to meet their new little edition- Zebediah. 

"We knew we wanted our kids name (if there's more :)) to start with the letter Z and for it to come from a Hebrew background so we skimmed through the Bible until we had two and we decided on Zebediah because it was less common then the other one. We are pretty happy with his name and we hope he is too." -Ale & Daniel

We started at their family's home in Yerington and focused on some lifestyle type of shots. 

"Going to Ale's Home town seemed like the perfect opportunity to get a family session with our baby boy just made it that more special. Plus we happen to know a really good photographer in the area..." -Daniel (Awe, thanks you two). 

"We both love music. Before Zeb we really enjoyed hitting up small concerts, now we are happy just to be able to listen to old/new records at home...There's something special about listening to our favorite songs with our new addition, the lyrics have that much more meaning (plus Zeb really relaxes when we have music in the background). Sometimes a song can make you remember how you felt and the state of mind you were in at the time you first listened to it we love seeing how we have evolved as humans."- Ale

Shortly after we headed to Wilson Canyon for the rest of their family photos! Wilson Canyon is a gorge surrounded by volcanic cliffs and beautiful rock formations. 

"His smiles and giggles are priceless to us, you can see the innocence in his eyes that just melts our hearts. But one thing we are both a sucker for is this little noise he makes when he sneezes. After the last sneeze he opens his mouth and it starts like one but ends up with a cute little sound almost a weak sigh. You just have to hear him." -Ale

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