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Lili Abolghasemi describes herself as a self-proclamied fashionista and beauty maven. She runs a successful blog that focuses primarily on fashion and beauty! One of her main goals is to inspire women to purse their passions. Which is basically her motto and brand name: Hello Darling, take a seat and come get inspired with me!  She reached out to me a few weeks ago to coordinate a photo session. I HIGHLY recommended a home session for these two. Lili and James agreed! Home sessions are the perfect setting. It's an environment where you're already comfortable in. It's intimate. It has personality. It helps break down barriers immediately. I can't recommend these enough! Lili blogged about it on her page. You can check out the article by clicking HERE

Here's a little bit that Lili shared with me:

James and I met when I was a sophomore in college through a mutual friend over at Freight House District. You could say it was drunken love at first sight. He drunkenly “proposed” to me with his flip phone that same night, and I didn’t oblige. 5 years later, we’re just as in love with each other as the night we met. 

Yes, we’re Lily and James aka Harry Potter’s parents’ names. Fortunately (or unfortunately), James isn’t quite a Harry Potter fan so we won’t be naming any future children Harry. 

Our favorite memory has to be the day that we got our pup, Kyra. James woke up and knew that we needed a dog in our life, and it was love at first sight the second we laid eyes on her. 

We’re both huge football fanatics, in fact, James first said the “L-word” to me after our first NFL game together. 

We play each other in fantasy football every year, and I just so happen to beat him every time. ;) 

Being a blogger is basically the dream job! 

 "My absolute favorite part is inspiring people. It absolutely melts my heart when I hear from someone that I’ve made their day and that I’ve inspired them to make that extra push in what makes their heart happy—whether it’s starting their own blog, finding the perfect outfit for a special occasion, heck—I even had a follower reach out to me and tell me that she likes to jump on my blog for an extra pick-me-up when she’s feeling down. Now that’s something that makes my heart happy."-Lili

A few of their favorite things to do together include but are not limited to: watching football, taking spontaneous weekend trips, cooking breakfast together on Sunday mornings, and of course cuddling with their non human child (Kyra-their pup). 

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Dress: Open Road Maxi can be purchased at Nomad Boutique (a boutique with boho-chic clothing)! 

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